Thursday, September 1, 2011

Riding Horses!

This past weekend we attended an event that had free horseback riding.    It was just a quick circle around the lawn and that was it, but it was a first for both kids.   Loving Husband and I waited in line with both kids so they would each get a turn.   Ace got to ride one of the smaller ponies by himself and I waited for the larger horse to be free so that I could ride on it with Mae.  

Ace got on the horse and was a cool-cucumber cautiously enjoying his ride while his dad walked along side him.  He had a great time, and just as I was getting on the horse to have Mae handed to me so that her and I could ride, Ace having just completed his ride wanted to go with me... hard to say no to that little one and so up he came and Mae waited with her dad.

I still wanted to experience the horse ride with Mae to see if she'd giggle, squeal, fuss, or just be indifferent... but between the heat and the timing by the time it was her turn to go again she was asleep.  I thought she might wake up if we got her up there - but nope she slept through the whole thing.   Ah well.    Still made for a cute picture. 

I am glad that Ace got to experience riding a horse and I am glad that he had a good time doing it.  Glad that his first time riding a horse also wasn't just a simple pony tethered to a pole going in a circle with another one in front of it (fair style.)   While his ride was almost equally as short as that experience this felt far more natural.

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