Saturday, September 10, 2011

Eight Months Old

Mae is booking it!  Seriously, she is fast.   Sometimes I wonder if she's got powers like Jack Jack in The Incredibles with the ability to zap through walls or something.  Yes, in the last month of little Mae's life she's been gaining speed and heights.   She's just going to crawl right into a teenager before I know it!  Slow down, baby girl!

Newness for Mae's 8th month:  her first bonk and second, third,....,  pulling herself up and standing, riding a horse, two teeth, and her first fever.  

Sleep for Mae has been routine - not amazing, not terrible.   She is however loud.   She just will loudly chatter as she's stirring, occasionally she will scream/fuss, but most of the time it's just chatter.  I usually can plug her and she's instantly content and drifts back to sleep after her hit of milk.  She doesn't sleep through the night, but she is a very cozy cuddler and so I honestly don't mind the few times I have to wake and feed her. 

Teeth, yep the two bottom ones have finally made their appearance and she is excited to have them.  She wants to gnaw on everything.  I believe the other two teeth on the bottom are going to pop through before any of the top ones will - but who knows.  She does have two cute little teeth in there though.  :)  They took a toll coming in a week or so ago which also happened to coincide with a cold too.  Poor thing had a leaking nose from the teething, snotty off and on from the cold, a fever from the teething (never over 101) on two different evenings (but not back to back) she was a mess for a couple of days and nights.  Eventually the teething ended and she dried up, but the cough persisted.  My heart was racing every time she would have a coughing fit.  She had a few that resulted in her vomiting (sad!) and all the while I was watching for signs that it was going to get worse.  Thankfully it didn't.  She's on the mend and the cough is trending away.

Developmentally Mae is doing great - she has learned how to stand and pull herself up onto things all over the place.  In just the last week she gained the strength to pull herself up onto the couch.  She also is learning how to best descend to the ground without a face plant and is just starting to venture in the letting go of things while standing.  She hasn't successfully held herself independent of anything just yet.   The other night she was crawling up a storm and pulling herself up -  she had a circuit she was 'running'  she'd pull herself up to me where I was sitting, cross the room to see her dada and pull herself up there, then crawl across again to the ottoman and pull herself up and then down again for the short sprint back to me and did this over and over again for at least 5 minutes.  It was adorable.

Speaking of dada - she's in love.   Yes, while she's always loved her dada - she hasn't had much use for him.   Loving Husband is the first to agree that Mae is a mama's girl (after all it was her first word.)   Mae really didn't need or really want to spend much time with him, but now she loves to hug him, snuggle with him and for the first time since she was an infant sleep on his chest for a little while.   It's so sweet to see her light up when he comes home from work or crawl toward the door when he's leaving. 

Mae also loves her brother and loves to crawl after him, try to eat his food, and giggles like crazy whenever he crawls after her.  Also she laughs every time Ace tickles her toes.   She loves her big brother.

Stat wise it's unknown - she is still itty bitty.  She doesn't eat much solid food at the moment, she's still mostly a milky girl.  She still has her little chunky rolls on her arms and legs, but doesn't weigh much.  She's happy and healthy. Mae loves her dolly still, her colorpillar, minnie mouse and her newest toy Sophie the giraffe.  Mommy tries to teach her colors and she just wants to eat the things.  Red tastes the same as purple, mom.  :) 

Our photoshoot this month was met with some opposition twice... but we still got some cute shots.   It required the whole family to get a good smile from her and thus a little big of a distraction from the lens.  :)  That's ok at least she stayed seated.    Onto a new adventure of her ninth month... will it include walking?? We shall see!

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