Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Superhero!

Ace's imagination is exploding! He plays with the idea of flying over the edge of the couch arm. He flies various superheros around by tying a string to them and swining around.  He talks about dreams of flying with a jet pack or a rocket ship and flying to the moon.  I love that his imagination is coming to life and currently regularly involves flying.

And what does a boy need more than anything when he wants to fly? A cape!  I saw on Jolly Mom today a free template for a superhero cape which was the inspiration to create one for Ace.  I eyeballed it, but she has a free pattern for download if the thought of just going for it isn't your style.  It was super easy and the boy was very excited about the idea of something to help him be a superhero and (pretend) to fly!

Ace also is currently obsessed with The Incredibles and while it is almost ironic to brand a cape with their logo (remember "No capes!" as it is the demise of many wanton superheros)  but aside from the objection of the logo should be on the 'front' Ace was super excited about it and had a blast running around the house in his Incredibles cape!

The project took about 15 minutes total to cut and sew.  Seriously not a lot of precision went into it.   No pinning either (which is why the logo is a bit off centered in the back) the stitching is wobbly and if you ever looked closely the felt is puckered in a few places... but the boy loves it.

And I love watching him fly away!


Carrie said...

so cute! he loves it!

Jolly Mom said...

Your cape turned out great! Your superhero and my superhero should get together to save the world LOL.

BTW--thank you so much for leaving the sweet comment today. To read that I inspired you...well...it made my night. So thank you for that : )