Saturday, September 10, 2011

Ten on Ten - September

It's been a nice Saturday around here... although it started quite early.  It's not even 5pm and I'm exhausted.   Be sure to stop by A Bit of Sunshine to see what has been happening on other people's Saturdays.  

The boy woke up very early with some potty training...issues (I'll spare the details.)
So while dad was taking care of that, I stared at my snuggly slumbering girl before she awoke.

The boy and his father fresh from the shower ventured downstairs and
started to play Battleship on the Xbox... Ace loves it. 

Around 9am it was Mae's turn to take a bath - she really enjoys splashing right now!

We headed to the Beau Rivage to enjoy their
Champagne Mimosa Brunch. Delicious!

After brunch we headed outside the hotel and to the fountain
which Ace absolutely loves to run around and around. 

We came home from playing outside and before naptime,
I had my second attempt at obtaining Mae's 8th month photos.

1:30pm... Ace's been asleep for about an hour. 
Mae should have been, but instead dad was and she was after his phone.

Everyone's awake by 2:30, let the Saturday afternoon chaos begin!

After lots of running, throwing, jumping, and playing
time to sit and watch some videos on the computer...
M has still not napped... 3:30.

4:15 - I check the mail and my 'doodads' have arrived for Ace's Alphabet Box. 4:18 The boys leave to run errands. 4:20 M goes in the swing. 4:22 she is out. 4:25 I snap this photo and sort through my doodads. 4:30 I sit down to my computer in a quiet house. Ahh Bliss!

Happy Saturday, everyone!


Leanne said...

These are such lovely photos, really like the B&W feel. Particularly like the first one- a beautiful snuggle with your baby.

alita jewel said...

The second to the last picture is so full of emotion. I just love it!

Carrie said...

I love the b&w, and the fact that its Saturday and has the whole fam :).

Liz @ Sugarplum Creations said...

Isn't that the way, with the babies staying awake, and the parents nodding off? ;) Such beautiful photos.

Mon said...

Lovely photos, looks like a fun day.

Dmarie said...

VERY nice captures!! well done!

M.E. Hall said...

I love black and white photos! They capture the true meaning of pictures!

Karina said...

Such a cute set of family fun/chaos.

Brianne said...

Love the fountain photo! Great day

sarah beth said...

your photos are amazing! i loved walking through your day (:

Brooke said...

Phew! Busy day! Love a quiet house....bliss!

Megan said...

Your fountain picture is amazing! I am using a 50mm fixed lens, but really have no idea what I am doing. I need a workshop!

Angee @ Sunshine in my life said...

Love all your photos. We haven't attempted night time potty training yet. I find it a little scary.