Friday, September 9, 2011

A Paleontologist

That is what Ace (currently) wants to be when he grows up (and yes I had to look up how to spell that.)   Not too long ago when I asked Ace what he wanted to be when he grows up he would say "nothing" or that "I just want to be a person when I grow up."   I mean I'm not one to pressure my children into over achievement and stress, but I was growing a bit concerned at the total opposite of ambitiousness...

I decided last week to ask again just to see if that lack of ambition and general lack of care for his future remained the same (I mean it's ok if had, he is only three. I'm not mapping out his college career here or anything...) Instead he looked at me with his wide-eyes of excitement and went off telling me all about how he wanted to dig for dinosaurs and brush away the dirt (and sometimes they're in ice!) and that he wanted to find them so he could put them in a museum!  So I explained to him that job is done by a paleontologist, his reply was then "I want to a be a pa-lee-on-tol-o-gist."   I was in awe that he said it right - even if had just heard me say it.  That's a big word to say right for the first time out the gate.

Earlier this week we were watching Dinosaur Train on PBS and there was one of the standard breaks between the episode for one of their mini-segments.  Ace had only been loosely paying attention to Dinosaur Train anyway, mostly he had been playing around with his sister - but as soon as the mini-segment came on the guy said "Hi, I'm a paleontologist...."   Ace stopped what he was doing and said "Hey, that's what I want to be!! I need to pay attention."   And he did.  He stopped jumping around and sat right in front of the tv and listened to the entire segment.   It was adorable and amazing! 

I love watching him grow up and choose his life goals. I have no doubt that this profession choice will change, evolve, be returned to, or perhaps all of the above - but I think it's great he's started to think about what he wants to do "in the future."   I'm sure that his choice to be a paleontologist is largely because of his dinosaur dig we did earlier this summer and reading about Curious George and his adventures at the dinosaur museum, but that's ok - he's expanding beyond that and creating the mental picture of him doing these things and that's what I'm excited about.  I'm excited to watch his little mind unfold.  :)

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