Monday, September 5, 2011

They've arrived!

Yes that's right our little girl has broken through her first two teeth.   I first felt them on Ace's birthday after her gnawing on a carrot was surprisingly productive in making little lines, put my finger in there and what do you know - little teeth had made their way through.    Since this discovery she has bitten me twice (OUCH!) and they have officially become visible teeth.

This last week has been very sad for the little girl.  She's caught herself a cold with a cough but in addition to that she has been runny nose, drooling, fussy, and feverish all in response to teething.   There were several sleepless nights or fitful at best while these teeth (and I suspect in short order others) made their way in.  She was pretty sad.

Her biggest challenge though was keeping hold of her various teething toys.  And finally on Friday afternoon I gave in and invested in Sophie.   The overpriced miracle giraffe teether.   I had held off several times in purchasing it before.  She had plenty of toys to chew on... but after seeing her sadness and the sub par effect they had - I caved.   Sophie arrived on Saturday and was met with instant excitement.

Her mouth still hurts and she doesn't have Sophie with her all the time... but she is using it and it does seem to help and for $20 that is well worth it.   It also appears that Thursday through Saturday was the worst of the teething (for now) and that she's gotten a bit of a break from that... which is good because her cough has gotten more frequent/productive.  

Today though she's a smiley girl and those little teeth are visible in her smile.   It's a brand new adventure - no more gummy smiles with my little girl.  She's a big girl now with two teeth!   I'd be ok if we froze time right now, deal? 

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