Monday, September 5, 2011

Sweet Siblings

I thought it was time for another Sibling post - to check in and see how they are adapting and owning their roles as brother and sister.   After Mae first arrived Ace was in love.   He loved his sister from the moment that he knew she existed inside of my belly.   Then the question came, would he love her on the outside and the initial answer was a proud yes.   So what about now - nearly 8 months later?  Now that they are both mobile, chatty, and independent...

Ace asks to say good night to his sister every night, even asks if she can sleep in his bed.
He still loves to hug and kiss her.
They both let mom take their pictures. :)

He wants to talk to her all the time... he waits for her to be awake so he can say 'hi sister!'

They've enjoyed their tub time together and play nicely together.

He even is willing to let her eat his apple and climb all over him.

They have a good time with each other and love to play together.
 So even in light of Mae's new mobility, Ace is very patient and loving with his sister.   We're skeptical that this will last forever though once he isn't able to climb to higher ground to escape her... but for now he is 100% pro-sister.  :)  And loves her very much - and since the day she was born Mae's turned her head every time she's heard her brother. It's very sweet.

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