Thursday, September 1, 2011

Project Potty Training

Back in May we began this crazy endeavor of potty training.  I was met with some hesitation, some trepidation of giving up the diapers.    We went straight for the training pants (padded underwear)  our first day or so was a lot of me asking him to go, him not needing to go or would go on my suggestion - never on his own volition.   Finally the afternoon after a dry trip to McDonald's in a pullup I suggested he sit down and give it a try and wala he went!   There was much excitement and stickers were provided!  He was excited.   However, the next day there was more hesitations to put on the underwear and then there were three accidents in a row and I could see the discouragement in his face.  I asked if he wanted to put a diaper back on.  He just wasn't ready.

Over the next few days he started out in a diaper - every now and again he'd say he'd want to do potty training and so I'd put a pullup on him and he'd try.  One day he went the entire day staying dry.  Every time he went pee in the potty he got a sticker.   He racked up quite a few stickers.    For a few weeks.   Then his interest and willingness waned. I didn't push him - I had already resolved to wait until after his third birthday.     We often still had him try to go right before bed which he almost always was able to comply with, although still often would come down within the hour complaining of wetting his diaper.  

The week of his birthday I started amping him up and getting him started on understanding that the next week the diapers all went away.  Forever.   That now that he was turning three he was a big boy and he needed to pee and poop in the potty.    He started to get excited about it.   Sunday night of this week I took away all the diapers from under the changing table after he went to bed.    I laid out his training underwear and the nighttime pullups he would wear for bedtime.     Monday morning he awoke and was excited.   Armed with only the incentive (no more stickers) to buy his own underwear if he stayed dry the whole day - potty training began.

Monday results were good.   He had pooped already in his night time diaper so we didn't have to worry about that for the day and so after getting that all cleaned up we began Project Potty Training.  With his training underwear on we began our day.   I asked him to try to go potty almost every 15 minutes (sometimes less)  and he went 2 hours with no accidents.  In fact if he had gone to the bathroom at my behest he would have avoided the first accident he had, but that's ok it's a part of learning.   He went another 45 minutes before his second accident and then 2 more hours after that.    He visited the potty many times and peed many as well.  I didn't keep track.   For his nap I put him in a pullup.   He kept it dry!!  I was very excited and proud.   After nap time we changed back into his underwear and he stayed dry the remainder of the day - even going on a walk outside with his dad and sister (where he got to pee outside!)   Bedtime we gave him a nighttime pullup to wear with the understanding that it was ok to get up and pee if he needed to.

Tuesday morning I awoke to the plea of 'Mom please change my pullup'  he was walking like he had been riding a horse - he climbed straight onto the changing table and the contents well... spilled out.   Overloaded, I cleaned him up and put on his training underwear.   I continued the excessive reminder of sending him to the potty to try and his first accident was on the tile (much easier to clean up!) after four hours.   Nap time was another dry pullup.  The afternoon and evening was more successful dryness and a trip to dad's soccer game with more peeing outdoors.   He went to bed in a nighttime pullup and after about 15 minutes in bed got out of bed and went pee on his own. 

Wednesday morning Ace awoke and changed his own pullup and even used the potty once after he woke up before I woke up.    No poop.   It was a bit of a trepidations morning for this mommy.   I was worried that he'd have an accident of epic proportions.   Like most little kids I believe he is fearful of going poop in the potty.   I introduced a new "surprise" incentive for the first time he goes poop in the potty.    I also laid off the constant barrage of requesting he try going potty.   I tried my best to limit my reminders/suggestions to once an hour or when I'd see him doing a little dance.    He stayed dry all day including nap time and a 90 minute adventure outside with his father!    As he laid down to sleep I told him very excitedly he had done it!  He stayed dry ALL DAY and that meant that tomorrow we got to go buy him some underwear that he liked.

Thursday morning began with him a bit disappointed he had peed in his pullup.  Although to his credit it was FAR less than he typically has in one in the morning.   Still no poop (despite my best effort with juice and giving him dried pears the day before.)  In light of his success Wednesday, I told him he could choose which underwear he wanted to wear for the day.   He could wear the training underwear or he could wear some Toy Story 'big boy' underwear that I had for him.    He excitedly chose BUZZ!  I then reminded him that today we got to go to the store and he'd get to pick out any underwear he liked.  He was excited.

Ace peed and we headed off to Target for the first time in big boy underwear. In fact that's all he wanted to wear. I had to explain the whole "under" part of his newest attire.  As we drove to Target I asked him what kind of underwear did he want - he said "trains!"  and he went straight for them.  You should have seen his face light up when I said he could choose a second set of them.   He chose a medley of Pixar undies.     We also purchased a potty seat and a step stool for the regular toilet.   We checked out and headed out of the store.   We drove through McDonald's and we headed home.  We were gone a little over an hour, no need to pee.  In fact upon arrival home he didn't pee for another 40 minutes when I finally got the big potty all set up for him to try out.    He was a bit nervous but he did great!   Even went back to that toilet on his own a little while later and continued to use that over using his little potty the rest of the day. 

Thursday afternoon after a dry (and long 2 hour) nap time I broke out the pear juice. Since we were pushing 50+ hours without any poop and that has NEVER happened it was clear that there was some stage fright.     I gave him 6oz and by dinner still nothing so gave him another 3oz with dinner.  I also spoke with Ace's nurse back in WA (I was calling regarding Mae, but while I was on the phone I decided to get a little advice on Ace as well.)  She said that the schedule for pooping can alter as you go into the new phase with potty training and that 4-7 days as long as he's staying hydrated and not constipated (7 days not constipated?!) that it was totally fine.   Thankfully, I didn't have to continue to ponder because about 30 minutes after we put him to bed in his nighttime pullup he went.   Cleaned him up and sent him to bed reaffirming to him how proud I was of him staying dry ALL day again.

Friday begins Day Five of Project Potty Training.  We did not leave the house for any errand purposes Monday-Wednesday.  Ace did venture away from the potty once each day outside to run, walk, and play for about an hour or more.   He improvised and peed outdoors if he had to go.  He had a total of 4 accidents this week.  3 on Monday and only 1 on Tuesday.   He was dry every day after nap time!  I went from reminding him every 10-15 minutes to reminding him after an hour or so (or if I saw the infamous 'potty dance')   He hasn't yet pooped in the potty, and I am certain that one day he will have an accident during nap time and/or again at random during the day - but for it being his first week I'd say he gets it and I hope he continues to do great.  Overall, we are trending toward potty trained.   I am so excited that we've found the right time and with early success this latest attempt with it.   He's willing and he's doing his best.   I'm really proud of him.

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