Thursday, September 15, 2011


Yes, that's me.   Typo?  Nope.  I'm a zommy today.   It's like a zombie but without all the decay and icky stuff.   But certainly the feeling of being the undead, walking around in a staggered stupor all because your eight month old was holding your sleep hostage.   Yes our little owlie decided to go nocturnal for real last night.   She took FOREVER to fall asleep - crazy hyper (could have been the sweet tea I had for dinner... but I have sweet tea all the time at dinner so I don't think that was it.)   Whatever the cause it was merely preamble to what was in store for us last night.

While the world slept Mae fitfully tossed/turned/squawked and perhaps slept occasionally.  Mom and Dad attempted to sleep, but by 5am she was done.  She had a snotty nose that I think was a legitimate contributor which led to bubbles when she ate... then she filled her diaper and that was the end of sleep.   From 4:45 until Loving Husband gave up and got up to get ready for work an hour later - M was rolling around, mildly fussing at our attempts to contain her, and in general just being a mini-terrorist whose main mission was defeat sleep - for everyone.   

Don't let those closed eyes fool you - this is a little after 5:20am and she was crawling all over the bed.
 In the attempt to save Ace from waking up, I came downstairs and tossed her in the playpen and attempted to snooze myself on the couch.  She figured out that plot and decided to protest... I took her out and she sat up with me on the couch.   Loving Husband left for work shortly before 6:30 and within 5 minutes Maefinally fell asleep - sitting up.    I was able to recline her down and I was able to fall asleep for a blissful 25 minutes... only to be awoken by my son who was waking at his normal 7am on the dot time.   Siiigh.  I got him a banana and put on some tv and attempted to regain unconsciousness to no avail.   Mae however continued to snooze for almost another hour. 

6:30am until 7:45am Mae finally slept....
Upon her waking though it was clear that it was only the start to what would be a crabtastic day.   Hmm did someone not get enough sleep?  I know this zommy didn't.  Our neighbor offered to take Ace so that Zommy and Mae could get more sleep, but she was done.  At the moment she's pretty happy to be toddling around the house - but oh boy take away something she shouldn't have and it is drama-meltdown like no other today. And so begins a day with about 2.5hrs of sleep for Zommy.  Here's hoping Ace is at least pleasant and compliant.   God help us!

Well little girl, you're cranky because you didn't sleep!  Love, Zommy

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Mrs. G said...

If only it was a day for shots. I've got a sleeping baby this morning after the doctor. And this was after sleeping through the night.