Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Festivities

That's tomorrow, right? Very true - but since we were embarking on this cross country adventure and I didn't want to haul with us two Easter baskets we participated in 'Easter' two weeks early at home. So when Ace woke up he got to hunt for eggs and we did Easter baskets. Tomorrow of course we will go to church and celebrate the true reason for Easter: Our Risen Savior, but two weeks ago we celebrated the commercial side of it. In fact I kind of like that the events are two separate events this year so that he can have the true meaning of Easter focused solely on that.

Ace once again had a great time hunting eggs. I went back and watched the videos from the last two years here and here and I just can't believe how much difference a year makes in his vocabulary! He's such a chatter box.

This was Mae's first Easter. She being too young to participate in much of anything hunt wise slept through that portion of the program - allowing us to have some one on one time with Ace for that. But upon her waking we certainly introduced her to the bright eggs that come with the territory and she did her own 'hunting' for a bit with some tummy time and eggs. :)

Mae then took a seat in her bumbo and got to survey her loot. While looking indifferent she became very partial to her little skunk. Ace's basket haul was featured in the first half of his egg hunting. He kept getting distracted by his new slinky (which was an excellent distractor for the car trip) his camera and the other small smattering of things he received.

We then spent the morning running around and playing with the things that they had received. It was a nice morning of fun.

Overall a very happy and fun Easter event for our family.

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