Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ace and Mae Crossing the Country

For this adventure I spent several weeks preparing individual bags for Ace for each day that we were on the road. I made sure that he had something new and exciting in each bag. I bought some fabric with his favorite characters on it and made him some bags for each day. I filled each bag with several different types of excitement and each day he got a new bag. We did buy in a dvd player and a tray for his car seat as well. Both very good investments. Ace did GREAT! Honestly, he was very little issue and never once was itching or fussing to get out of his seat. Certainly happy to get out - but never once fussed or threw any fits about having to get back into the car. It was blissful. He was super excited each day to get a new 'surprise' and then at the end of the day was excited to get another bag to play with. I'd happily take another road trip with him.

Mae, our three month old little girl, did amazingly well for having very little wiggle room or understanding as to what on earth was going on. My little girl who is used to nursing to sleep and snoozing in my arms until she's ready to wake up, wasn't terribly pleased to have to get a snack and be plopped back into her car seat for more driving. She however was compliant and didn't fuss unless she had a need. Our day with her often went: feed at the first gas up before heading out. We'd usually get 2.5 hours in that stint of driving and then she'd need to eat again. She'd require us to make impromptu stops whenever she was poopy because she would FUSS quite loudly. She'd usually take another 1-2 hour nap after lunch and then she'd have awake time which usually required me to go in the back seat with the kids to just be around her because she was lonely. Overall she did wonderfully and while we had a few extra stops due to diapers or gas bubbles - she was amazing as well. We never were too off schedule on our drives.

Overall we had a great adventure and the kids did such a great job traveling those 3000 miles. Two happy kids, made for two happy parents. Loving Husband who did all the driving and this momma who did a good portion of the entertaining of said kiddos.

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