Thursday, April 21, 2011

Road Trip

Our family is off on an extended adventure! The beginning of which was to travel from the NW to Mississippi... with two kids.... both under the age of three. Are we insane? Likely. But 7 days, 9 states, and 3000 miles later... we have arrived arrived!

So the big question was answered: we all survived! :) Yes we had a great trip. Ace did WONDERFULLY and for a very alert three month old, Mae did great as well. In fact, I think if it had just been Ace and the two adults that we could have made it even quicker. He did great in the car. There were even days we didn't break out the dvd player because he was content with other things. Mae required the more frequent stops usually stretches of driving would last no longer than 2.5 hours and then a stop was a minimum of 25 minutes. It wasn't bad.

We saw some beautiful country along the way! We took a non-direct route (or at least not the route when you put "the NW to Mississippi" into Bing Maps would take you.) our first stop was in Oregon to visit some folks and then we headed onto Boise, ID and then onto Salt Lake City to visit Lori and her family (a separate post on this exciting visit to come!) our next stop was Farmington, NM, then Amarillo, TX, and then Dallas TX and our ultimate destination: Biloxi MS. The last day was our longest in mileage but we pushed through until the end and did a-ok.

If I had to find a picture that would best describe each state in between home and MS it would be the following...





New Mexico



It was a great trip and it was a fun adventure as a family. Will we do it again? Well we do have to get back to the NW eventually. :) Posts on the kids adventures on the road to come soon!

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Mom said...

Looks like you saw beautiful scenery. It is an amazing adventure for your family to undertake.