Monday, April 25, 2011

A Stop by the Fishbowl...

Yes, on our road trip to Mississippi, we stopped in the great state of Utah and met up with my college friend, Lori. Now Lori and I keep up with each other's lives pretty regularly. In fact, I sometimes forgot that I never had actually met her oldest son - since the last time I actually saw Lori she was still pregnant with him. Crazy that with technology being so available that so much time can pass without actually seeing people. As soon as we determined we were making this road trip I knew that one of our stops had to be Utah. I didn't care if it added an extra day on the trip - it was a must! My husband had never met any of them, and our kids NEEDED to meet! It just was imperative and so we made it so!

Having spent three days (or 2.5 really) in the car already Ace so SO thrilled to arrive at a destination that had toys. Garrett was excited to show them to him and Matthew was as well. Although Matthew spent more of his time protesting Lori holding Mae, but I suppose that is to be expected. :) After dinner (which was homemade and yummy!) the boys went outside to run around and play with swords. Loving Husband got in on the action and had a blast with the kids.

It was a wonderful visit and I wish we lived closer to each other so that our families could spend more time together. We had a wonderful breakfast and headed out around 10am allowing them to get off to church. :) Can't wait to see them again.

(Mae was sleeping, so we let her stay that way.)


Lori said...

And Lori promises that she doesn't always look like she just rolled out of bed. Unless, as is the case of this picture, she actually just rolled out of bed. Also, right after this photo was taken, Matthew coughed so hard he threw up all over my pants. Score!

We can't wait to see you again sometime!

brianne said...

So much fun!