Saturday, April 9, 2011

A Studio

I recently got a new camera and in addition to getting that I ordered myself a studio. A studio?! What does that mean you might ask - well it means that I ordered a mini studio to set up at my house.
I have used in three times and I think I've already gotten my money out of it. A trip to JCPenny's for pictures in their studio - easily would cost me a minimum of $40 each trip simply because I can never choose what pictures I want. Having done three sessions, I'm only a few dollars away from paying for my investment. I do need to do some research in a better place to print my photos - the upload/transfer to Snapfish breaks down the quality of picture and so I'm not getting as crisp of a picture when I get them printed, but I know there are excellent options so I'm not worried - just on the list of research to do.
The first session, I was so eager to get to snapping that I didn't even bother steaming out the wrinkles in the backdrop. Mae was just so smiley so I got going right away with it. :) I also was only using my point and shoot. My DSLR hadn't been acquired yet.
The next session I was looking to acquire some pictures to put up of the kids. I needed updated shots of them :) and so why not take some really updated one. I started with Mae while Ace was napping and then I worked with the two of them after Ace woke up and then when Mae was done I did some of just Ace.

This order of picture taking seemed to work out really well. It's Easter time and so time to do Easter pictures and having done so well with the order of picture taking before I wanted to give it a go again. Mae wasn't AS smiley this time, but still very happy and agreeable. Ace was very excited to play with eggs and was a good boy to placate his mother. ;-) Hope you enjoy them as much I as I enjoy taking them!


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Mrs. G said...

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