Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Circle of Fun!

Mae has been trying to stand since day one - no lie. She's getting pretty good at it these days too and so we decided it was about time to get her an exersaucer! She has no problems holding her head up (another skill she's been practicing since day one) and so with that skill mastered, we decided it was time to break out the circle of toys! And she loves it.

She loves to stare at the bee in the hive and she's pretty good at spinning things that go around. She played in there for a good amount of time completely content. I took her out before she was 'done' simply because I didn't want her little legs to get too tired. She has since enjoyed it a few more times since and it was equally as big of a hit. Her big brother likes it too and even gave her legos to have in the little container that is on it. He's a good sharer. I hope that lasts. :)

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