Friday, April 29, 2011


What is this weird substance of brightness coming from the sky?! Is it broken? I've seen it for more than an hour MULTIPLE days in a row? I'm confused... ((thinking back)) oh yes I do recall from being in So Cal that this may in fact be "normal" for other parts of the country. Yes, we are enjoying some GREAT weather here in Biloxi. On Monday we enjoyed a thunderstorm and that was fun - always spices up the rain and we rarely get them in our part of the NW. Thankfully, we are not anywhere near the latest devastation of tornadoes and we hope to keep away from any overly wild weather while we are here.

Since we're around such wonderful sunlight, we have found great ways to enjoy it - mostly going for walks to all the nice parks around here. The other morning we began by watering the lawn around 8am... since we're still adjusted to NW weather - 8am in Biloxi is just fine weather to run in a sprinkler... Ace had a blast.

We started off yesterday venturing to one of the playground areas that has a "little kid" play area (shorter slides, etc..) We took with us our little umbrella stroller, since I didn't want to break out the double monstrosity when Ace mostly wanted to run around and get energy out anyway. It was do-able but Mae got a bit shook up - the umbrella stroller not so great for sidewalks and 'off roading' into a park. More mall worthy. Ace was very excited to head out to venture to the playground.

Mae had a GREAT time feeling grass on her toes for the very first time. She was excited to get out and soak up some good vitamin d. She enjoyed the outdoors with mama while her brother scampered around on the playground equipment. We headed back after about an hour of fun.

Today there was a yard sale in our neighborhood, and there was a jogging stroller there for $40. Score. I love that I can turn around the 'body' of it so that I can see Mae. It also came with a car seat attachment so the main seat pulls out and this frame sets in and you just attach her car seat onto it. A great feature. Ace also can fit in it still - so I could put Mae in the Ergo carrier and he could take a ride in it as well.

We strapped Mae in and we were off to a few playgrounds and Ace was a busy boy playing around... while Mae fell asleep in her cozy new ride. It was a good sunny outing.

Later that day, Loving Husband and Ace went out and washed a car. Mae enjoyed reclining in her new stroller and I enjoyed documenting the boys fun with the camera. It was a nice day of enjoying sunshine... which I found out later this evening I had gotten plenty off. Hello sunburn #1 :)

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