Friday, April 8, 2011

Grammie's Visit

Yes, as the previous post states Grammie came to visit! A BIG thank you to Auntie Dawn who made this trip possible! You see we got out of the hospital on Tuesday, March 22nd and Loving Husband was prearranged to be gone the following week. It worked out well that we got out of the hospital when we did, so no arrangements had to be canceled or rescheduled. However, the idea was overwhelming to me. Alone with two kids - one of whom was just getting better after a hospital stay and the other in a very needy-state after his mommy had been gone for an entire week because of said hospital stay. Thankfully my mom was able to come and help.

It was great to have her here. I was able to have a little 'me' time to sew and do a few things that needed to be done. I was able to run errands with only one kid (most of the time) and it was in general nice to have the company. :) We didn't do much, only left the house a couple of times - but Ace and her had a lot of fun. And Mae eventually warmed up to her for a few short stints of time.

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