Thursday, July 30, 2009

Year Four

Our fourth year can be summed up in two main events: pregnancy and house-buying. Those were the big check boxes that our team decided to tackle for our fourth year of marriage. Year three was out of country travel ;-) Year four we had to kick it up a notch and buying a house and getting pregnant seemed like good things to accomplish in year four of our union.

Our fourth year was started out pretty status quo, my work situation was becoming increasingly ridiculous and a change was on the horizon there "any day" every day. I eventually quit less than a week after we closed on our house. After finding out we were pregnant, I chose to start my SAHM duties early and kept myself busy at home.

For several weeks prior to quiting, our lives were consumed with house hunting, paperwork, inspections and all the good festive headaches that come with buying a home. Then they were quickly transitioned into the appliance, carpet, paint buying and decision making mode. Then we moved in. :) The first thing we did when we moved in was put up the Christmas tree. It was past Thanksgiving and I was dying. I always ALWAYS put up the Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving - and to have to wait an extra 5+ days was torture for me. We had no furniture in the house, but we had a tree :) We moved in officially a week later. And a few days after that we confirmed that I was pregnant.

We spent Christmas proper in So-Cal with my family and it was a delightful time. Especially announcing to everyone that we were going to have a baby in August 2008! It was an exciting, yet nauseous time for us me. Well he was excited - but not so nauseous. 2008 was riddled with doctor's appointments and many firsts. First heartbeats, first movements, the ever expanding baby belly. Loving Husband was ever so attentive during my pregnancy and took wonderful care of me and our son.

We wrapped up our fourth year by celebrating early in case Ace came at one of our favorite places to celebrate our anniversary - the lodge by the falls. It was an enjoyable and relaxing time for us. It was our final anniversary as just the two of us. We were weeks away from embarking on a challenging and most rewarding endeavor: raising our son!


FROGGITY! said...

so sweet, this is a great idea - doing a tribute. :)

3 Bay B Chicks said...

Loved reading this insight into your life, Jo. It is fun to understand who you and your husband were before the arrival of your darling boy.

It is easy to forget that before we all became parents, we were foot loose and fancy free couples. :)


♥Georgie♥ said...

loved this! stopping by from SITS to say HAPPY 5th Anniversary...i commented right below have a beautiful family!

The Redhead Riter said...

I would say you have packed a whole bunch into four years!

Mrs. Fish aka Two Fish said...

Happy Anniversary! Stopping in from SITS!!

ldsmommyof12 said...

Enjoyed your post about your recent life. Being a stay at home mom is so fun. Work, but fun and rewarding.