Thursday, July 23, 2009

A New Adventure!

Having an 11 month old - my adventures are pretty limited. It's ok, I'm enjoying whole-heartily the adventure of watching my little boy grow. However, every now and again the downtime creeps in and the piercing void of something to do takes over. And so coupled by many different motivations, I have decided to embark on an additional blogging endeavor. Don't worry, The A-Priori Mommy isn't going anywhere, she's just splitting her personality into the Amature Foodie as well. Yes, I have started a new blog. As you may have noticed button on my left column that has been there for a few days, I created a new blog, a new adventure.

While The A-Priori Mommy will remain true to our daily life and the happenings and milestones of Ace and a few fun giveaways every now and again, like THIS one that is currently going on; Amature Foodie will be my outlet and accountability for making dinners and the inspirations to drive me to a culinary adequacy. Yes, you read correctly. I'm not seeking to be the next great food blogger, just someone that cooks semi-regularly in this house. :) (shameless begging, self-promotion, and unjustified guilting are imminent) So if I have people reading (Pllllllleeeeeeeeeaaase!) and following my food blog and reading what is happening in my kitchen then the more likely things are to happen in my kitchen (guilt in 3, 2, 1...) and then my family will be fed good and healthy home-made food.

Ok ok, yes my family will still eat even if people do not read my new blog, Amature Foodie, but if you are interested in what we're cooking up at our place, please do stop by and check it out. I plan to post recipes, and links to great and better blogs than mine that I've found that have wonderful recipes. I do hope that Amature Foodie additionally will become a good resource to find good things to create in the kitchen.

Thank you to all of you whom read The A-Priori Mommy, I would write about my son and his adventures all day long, even if there was no audience to be found - but it's such a delight to know that other people take some joy from hearing reading about and seeing my sweet baby boy.


Maggie May said...

Hello, the pictures of the waterpark are so adorable. Nice to meet you :)

single wide cottage said...

you're so ambitious! I find it hard to post daily on one blog! Heading over there now to check it out

~ Julie ~ said...

Stopping by from SITS... will wander over to your new blog now. :)

Lorie Shewbridge said...

Congratulations on your new blog... hope you have as much success with it as you are having with this one... I have posted your new button on my sidebar right near the A-Priori Mommy button!!