Friday, July 3, 2009

Grandma came to visit!

Yes, on Monday my mom flew in from Cali to come and visit her only grandson! Her pride and joy, oh yah and as a ride to and from the airport bonus she got to see me, her only daughter. Yes there's no hiding the fact that my mom is in love with our little boy, but then again, who isn't?

I was so glad that the weather was nice. The last time she was here, THIS was the weather she enjoyed. In fact she left the day before they closed 80% of flights in/out of our fine airport. So I was so hoping that the weather would be nice so that we could do stuff during her visit. And the weather was fabulous - high 70s couldn't ask for better weather.

However, we could have asked for a less sick and teething baby boy. Yes poor little Ace developed roseola while she was here and was actively teething - in fact two teeth broke through while she was here visiting. He now has a total of 6 in his mouth, 3 on top 3 on bottom. However, with those teeth and the roseola rash also came a very understandably fussy and not so happy baby. Always wanting mom - not so much his grandma. Bad timing.

However, Monday and Tuesday were good days, before the rash developed Ace took to his grandma again very well. He had seen her last in March so it had been a few weeks, but he seemed to recognize her well enough and warmed up to her pretty early. They read books on Monday and played around - and then on Tuesday we ventured out and about.

We went to visit the falls that we love so much and show those to my mom. While we were there I found an excellent spot to grab some pictures of Ace - and he sat in that one spot for 18 minutes (timed from the first shot till the last one) in fact he probably would have stayed there longer, but I was done with that location. We had a nice time walking around the area near the falls and checking out the shop nearby, although we cut our adventure out short when we noticed the rash developing. We took him home and my husband and I took Ace to the doctor while my mom stayed at the house. Roseola was the diagnosis and nothing major, but once that rash started to develop he wasn't terribly happy.

Wednesday we ventured out to try on my bridesmaid dress options. Also on the plan 'menu' was a trip to the mall to walk around. However after a semi-disastrous trip to David's Bridal and Ace wanting no one but me to hold him - we decided to skip the mall and spent the rest of the day in the house. In fact Ace nursed literally most of the day. I'm not joking. So we sat around the house and just watched some tv.

Thursday, Loving Husband took off work and we all went to the zoo - and it was a lot of fun. Ace's rash was certainly subsiding and his teething seemed to be through the worst of it - so we had a lovely time at the zoo (stop back on Sunday for a full post all about it!) we then headed home and watched Ace play in his little pool. Our plan for while my mom was in town was to take Ace to the big pool and so grandma could see all his new skills he had learned in swimming lessons, but due to the roseola being contagious as long as the rash was present we opted out of that adventure for the health-safety of other kids. So the kiddy-pool on the deck would have to do. Ace had a lot of fun splashing around and getting mommy's jeans soaked.

Today we spent the morning just hanging out and then a trip to Walmart and then onto the airport. It was great to have my mom here for a while and to have her enjoy more time with Ace. I'm so glad that even though she lives many miles away that we are going to be able to see her every month through November this year!!


Mom said...

I loved my visit!!! Fussy baby and all. Aiden did not like my talk with him that you were my baby and that he was to share. That was not on his adgenda that day. Thank you all for a wonderful visit.

Jackie White said...

The tree picture of Aiden is sooooo cute!