Saturday, July 18, 2009

A New Adventure!

This past week has been a flurry of insight into my personality. First, I did a vlog which you can watch here, in which I discussed being lazy and uninspired to cook on a regular basis. Then not two days later, I post this blog about my culinary excitement inspired by the book A Homemade Life by author Molly Wizenberg, author of Orangette. That's when I put two and two together, I even said it myself in my vlog: I need inspiration, perhaps even motivation to cook. Feeding my family doesn't seem to cut it. Saving money doesn't do it either. However! A blogging adventure - now that might just do it. Although I make not guarantees, and as a betting woman, while I don't bet against myself on this one - I am certainly not putting any down on this to be a successful endeavor.

What do I hope this adventure to be? Hopefully a successful effort at being a SAHC! Yes, a stay at home cook! While we will still eat out, and I will still drive thru - I would like to make more dishes at home. And I hope with some cyber motivation to do so!

What do I hope this blog to be? Well, at first it will be an outlet for my frustrations, my accountability, my muse for all things related to my kitchen. Whether it be a recipe I found that I want to try, or merely a blog about what I did for dinner. A new recipe I did try that failed miserably or a recipe that was a great success that I didn't even have to add salt to (that's a big deal for me, I LOVE salt!)

I hope to provide you with some entertainment, some insight, and some yummy recipes for you yourself to try. Mostly though - I just want to get my arse in the kitchen and make myself and my husband some food that doesn't come out of a box or require a delivery vehicle to arrive at my door. ;-)

So tell your friends that The A-Priori Mommy is also the Amature* Foodie and that I'm cooking up something new over here!

*Yes, officially "amature" however it is a popular misspelling and well, being a dyslexically prone individual, amature feels correct(er) than amateur. So I'm not being incorrect, I'm being modern. Additionally, Amateur Foodie's url was taken by a blogger that blogged 3 times last year never to be seen again.


The Redhead Riter said...

"Riter" is misspelled on purpose too...LOL

Stopping by from SITS to share the blog ♥ !

Have a great Saturday!

Mozi Esmé said...

I've considered starting a food blog for similar reasons! Blogging holds me accountable, and I need some motivation/inspiration to cook... :)