Thursday, July 2, 2009


Goodness gracious! The month of June was just been a whirlwind of doctor's visits for Ace. He had the pneumonia bronchiolitis in the early part of the month, then he had a spot develop on his leg that we were worried that was ringworm. Whew, dodged that bullet with a diagnosis of eczema. And now the latest: roseola.

Last week for three days he ran a relatively high fever. He was seemingly miserable, but actively teething. Two more bottom teeth have broken through the gums and are fighting for space. See when both my husband and I were little our baby teeth overlapped. We are a dentist's dream for all things orthodontic (and a parental checkbook nightmare!) I digress. Ace's going to have some bad genetic history working against him when it comes to things going his way in the teeth department, and therefore when he was running a fever and super fussy I merely attributed it to the two teeth fighting for space as they made their way through the gums.
However, Tuesday while out and about with my mom - we noticed a rash on his neck and back. Hmm, I had noticed a little on his right temple when I was feeding him breakfast, but he was throwing a fit about eating, I just assumed he was flush. Apparently not, and now it was spreading. Yikes. By the time we made it home it had consumed more of his little person (I know a tad dramatic) and so we called the doctor and they fit us in. The doctor took one look at it after us explaining he had a fever 2 days ago that lasted for 3 and said with confidence that it was roseola. Yes a viral illness that is relatively benign with the fever being the worst of it. The tricky part is that it incubates for about 12 days and you're contagious before you even show symptoms - so who knows where he got it from - but apparently according to the doctor it is going around the community. Delightful, wouldn't want to miss something coming to town. Or perhaps we would, yes I'd say that I would happily have missed this newcomer to town.

They say that once the fever is done with that the worst is over, but man is Ace still super fussy - perhaps now it is the teeth that are affecting him. Siigh. Either way. We spent much of Wednesday at home - after we attempted to venture out and at our first stop it was patently obvious that being out and about was the LAST thing Ace was interested in participating in. So we spent the beautiful, sunny day indoors. Sorry mom. You're destine to soak up every detail of my living room whether it be mid-June or dead of winter December.


Jenn @ Beautiful Calling said...

Poor baby. Don't worry, once the rash arrives it gets better from there.
Chloe had it once. Three days of such high fevers that she just lied there and stared. SOOOO scary. Third day the rash arrived and we were able to diagnose what was wrong with her and she recovered quickly.

Sounds like you're having a rough time lately with health huh?

FROGGITY! said...

oh noes! hope he's feeling okay!! hang in there!


UPrinting said...

Waah! I think I had something just like that 2 years ago when I was still in college. I really freaked out because I didn't really know what caused it, and I wasn't feeling feverish anyway. The doctor said it might be an allergic reaction, but I am not allergic to anything either. T_T