Friday, July 24, 2009

Eleven Months Old

What a month it has been for my little man. So many adventures, so much excitement, such a FAST month. Weren't you just turning double digits? Are we really into the final moments before you turn ONE YEAR OLD?! My goodness - where does the time go?

Well for Ace's eleventh month of life we enjoyed a few more firsts: Roseola, first trip to the zoo, first 4th of July, his first time being babysat, his first trip to a water park, his first taste of goat's milk.

We round out Ace's 11th month with 6 teeth fully in. One of the teeth looks like it has a chip, but I believe it was never "damaged" on the outside, I think it might have malformed under the gums since it was pushing against another tooth. Although who knows! He's a busy boy running around, climbing stairs, biting rocks (siiiigh) it could have happened anywhere. We will be making his first dental appointment soon.

Ace has (for now) reclaimed his enjoyment of solid foods and we are routinely eating about 1 to 1.5 jars of food over the course of a day. Every other day mommy tries to let him explore the idea of feeding himself dinner - followed promptly with a bath. That's another thing, we've graduated out of the baby bath tub and into the big boy tub! There's no turning back now. Additionally, he's added goat's milk into his diet - he's taken to it very well and there seems to be no signs of an adverse reaction. It has made mommy's ability to go out whenever much easier as planning and pumping do not need to be involved.

In the learning department, he hasn't added too much to his vocabulary, occasionally he mutters in a repeat fashion "red" and also 8 out of 10 times will point to the color red when we ask him to. He does ok with yellow too but that is after a lot of repetition so the remembering that association I don't believe is quite there yet. However, I am confident that he knows the color red. We continue to work on colors and numbers. Those currently are some of his favorite books. His ultimate favorite book though is his Jesus Storybook Bible. Almost every night Loving Husband reads it to him and almost every morning I read some to him right after we wake up. He will often walk over and try to pick up the book himself. It's really cute to watch. He's getting more and more comfortable simply sitting (still!!) in our laps and reading about one to two pages before he feels we should move to another page or a different room entirely (aka the wiggles start to break free of his tiny body.)

Ace is walking without issue now, even with a bit of a jog to it at times. He is enjoying the outdoors whenever we will let him escape out there and loves to climb up the stairs. He doesn't like shoes in the least which is a-ok with us and now that he's more independent with his movements we've been able to take him to fun places like toddler cafes which look like giant play lands for kids and the water parks. He's really enjoyed the freedom that walking gives him.

My little boy is growing so fast, but I'm loving this new phase of him learning and advancing everyday. His world is expanding around him and he's learning new things daily. Although some of those do include learning how to open drawers and get into cupboards, but that's ok - because it's all a part of growing up. Enjoy your final month before the years set in baby boy, they'll go so fast after that.

*** He was just waking up for these pictures, and his pants really do fit, apparently just not when he's sitting. *****


Eileen said...

Stopping by for the first time from SITS. Love your blog. Your baby is gorgeous. I hope to start a family too real soon. I look forward to reading more about yours.

Night Owl Mama said...

Let the FUN begin. Wooowhooo Careful with the stairs my little guy did a cart wheel down them SCARY.

Have fun mom time to get the roller skates on

Stopping in from SITS to Say hello

Mommy's Sippy Cup said...

You have a very beautiful family!! Stopping by from SITS and I hope you have a great weekend!

Shannon said...

Hmmm... I've gone 32 years without ever tasting goat milk, LOL!

Lorie Shewbridge said...

Happy 11 month B-Day Aiden!! You are getting so big... you are such a beautiful little man, whith 6 WHOLE TEETH - amazing.
I love hearing about him and seeing the pictures, thanks for sharing all his escapades with us. Have a wonderful weekend!!

Heather said...

I can't believe how big he's gotten! Seems like just last week when we were at CB for trivia night and you were just about due.