Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I Heart Faces ... er Feet!

Time for another installment of I Faces and this week they are focusing on FEET! So really this week I Feet is showing off all the piggies. Of course I am very fond of my little man's piggies. In fact they are my button for this blog! However, we've all see those feet day in and day out, so perhaps a more updated picture of piggies are required.

This picture was taken after Ace had crawled around the cherry blossoms back in April. He was seven months old at the time. Hard to believe this week he turns eleven months old!

Check out other people's piggy pictures here.


Jenn @ Beautiful Calling said...

Where does the time go? My little man will be 1 on Aug 7th.

Beautiful little toes. I love baby feet!

Hans and Shinta said...

Love the picture! So cute!! =) Thanks for joining my blog!

UPrinting said...

Oh, he's growing up so fast.
Then it must mean all of us are growing older. Nooo.. :D
Cute little dirty feet.