Monday, May 21, 2012

Sixteen Months Old

Mae is sixteen months old and counting.   She's having a lot of fun running around and being more interactive and playful with her brother.  Now that she's getting older (not much bigger!) she is able to really play with him.  Either on the couches - running back and forth - or in their rooms with various toys.  She loves to ride on mom or dad's back all around and gives the best 'neck' hugs right now (she can grip pretty tight if she wants!)

Newities of sixteen months: eating more! A walk with her dada.  More words!

Mae is getting quite expressive and doing well to communicate her feelings.   She has added a few more words in the last month: 'bye' (which she uses for good bye and saying good night to her brother)  she typically also waves when doing this - which is adorable.  'Hi' also is one that has come into play as well.  'dag' or 'doh' (dog) which she will identify when she hears them barking in the neighborhood -which is really impressive to me, since we never directly associated that for her.  'bid' or 'bah' (bird) and she will point to the sky.  However, to be fair 'bah' is her go to word for pretty much anything she doesn't have an official word for.  :)  She's said 'light' once or twice but not clearly and not with much regularity.   She's getting better at sitting still to read books and love to pick out books to read at bedtime and sometimes she actually will sit still to listen.  :)

Once Mae started feeling better after a few colds she really started to show an interest in eating more food - hooray.  :) She still mostly prefers mama milk though and would happily make that her sole dietary choice if given said options.  Sorry, Owlie!   Sleep wise continues to be standard and eh in the reporting greatness department.  She's getting rest and occassionally - so do we. 

It's been a great month and after finally getting around to get this posted we're nearly half way to the next one!  Time flies with an active little girl.  We love her and love to watch her smile and giggle. :)

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