Monday, May 21, 2012

My First Mother's Day Program

The Tuesday before Mother's Day was Ace's Mother's Day Program at his preschool.   He was so excited, he told us he had been practicing his songs forEVER and that they had lots of movements that made his eyes hurt to watch the teachers do.    Loving Husband and Mae joined me in attendance (LH was the only dad, but I was glad he was there to help with Mae and video tape every now and again!!) 

We arrived and sat down at the tables and then the kids arrived to put on their chef hats and serve us cookies and enjoy them with us.

After we enjoyed our cookies - it was time to dance.  The kids had learned a dance that they then taught to all the moms and then after we practiced we did the dance together.   It was a lot of fun.  Hopping, dancing, clapping... lots of multiple action commands for their little preschool selves to keep track of.  :)

After our dance it was time for their program to begin and let me say that it was not just a small affair.  No the kids had over ten songs that they sang.  Most of them had actions, sign language, or instruments that they used during the various songs.    Ace covered his ears a few times, had a lot of wiggles, some ignoring of instructions, and some spot on participation!  It was plain adorable!!  Although the loudest I cracked up was during "Hickory Dickory Dock.. the mouse ran up the clock... the clock struck three.. the mouse said WEEE (Ace grabbed his butt with a face of great amusement!) Hickory Dickory Dock!"

Waiting to begin...

Ace and his friend had a lot of fun standing next to each other. 
When the program was over it was time to be presented with artwork that Ace had made for me.  He again was very proud to give me his drawings and hand/feet prints and I was very happy to have them.  It was a special performance and quite impressive amount of time for 3-4 year olds to sing that many songs!  

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