Thursday, May 24, 2012

How could I?

Loving Husband is in the military.  He loves his job.   He loves the opportunities he's been afforded.  We as a family are proud of him and all he does for us and for our country!  When he joined I was often asked by some "How could I?"  -  How could I let him?  How could I handle this?  How could I be ok with this?  The quizzical lack of understanding was abundant for those on the 'outside' looking in.

First, I find the questions just plain silly - I suppose because that is not the relationship Loving Husband and I have.   There are very few things (if any) that I stamp my foot, pout, and scream "NO!" at and a desire to start serving his country just is not going to be one of them.  

I grew up with a family in the Armed Forces.  My grandfather, my dad, and my brother all have proudly served/are serving their country.   If anything it was odd to me upon meeting Loving Husband that this was not a part of his life.  Not that I was seeking life as a military wife - my father was out of service by the time we were around so I was not used to a "military life" per se.   However, military life in general was not and is not foreign, scary, or troublesome to me. 

Is it a sacrifice and a disruption of our daily lives for LH to have to deploy with less than a week's notice for weeks or months at a time - certainly.   Are we sacrificing time with him by him going away and doing this job - absolutely.   Is it opportunities lost - perhaps but others are gained in their place.    So when I'm approached with questions like "are you ok with this?"   "how could you let him...?"  and "WHY?!"  I simply smile and think: How could I not? Freedom isn't free.

So as this weekend unfolds remember that this weekend isn't just an extra day off work,  it's not 'National BBQ Weekend' - it's not just another weekend.   Memorial Day is a day of remembering the men and women who died while serving in the United States Armed Forces.   Honor the fallen, the retired vets, and pray for those who remain steadfast in fighting for our freedom, here at home and abroad.

My mother receiving my father's flag.

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