Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Baby Shower

We couldn't be more excited that our friends are having a baby!  Loving Husband is pretty stoked that his good friend is finally joining the ranks of parenthood - I'm certain his elation is totally positive - and nothing to do with commiserating even in the slightest.  ;-)    As mentioned in my decor and design post, Angie and I,  had a lot fun planning, prepping, and hosting a lovely shower and I enjoyed photographing it as well!

Due to an unexpected military deployment my built in childcare (the husband) was not available.   Since Mae had been sick all week she just wasn't up for grandparent watching (which is where Ace was off to for the day!), away from mommy all day, and so she joined in on the girlie fun - and what a great girl she was!  I could not have been more proud by her self-entertaining, minimal clingy-ness, and general cuteness!

Mae trying some grapefruit Italian soda.  She made a face, but she went back for more!

The lovely mommy-to-be joined us after sneaking away upstairs to relax a little bit while Angie and I set up, after all the party was at her house.  :)   It worked out nicely.    People began to arrive and we enjoyed some food and chit chat and then got the party started with some balloon popping, followed by presents!  Who doesn't like to start with presents? :)

After presents it was on to our activity of headband and hair bow making that was done at a leisurely pace while some enjoyed more snacks, picture taking, etc..

Eventually the boys returned from their 'man-date' and I grabbed a shot of the parents-to-be. 

It was an excellent party, the new baby has a LOT of new books (from us and others!) and I cannot wait to meet their baby girl sometime next month!!

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