Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Fast Food B-Gone Challenge

Anyone that knows me knows that I love McDonald's.   Obsessed about it?  Possibly.    Willing to eat it more than once in a day?  Occassionally.   Eat it more than twice in a week?  Often.   You healthier folk are certainly cringing right now, I know I know.  It's TERRIBLE for me.    Ironically, it was McDonald's that in the Summer of 2000 gave me food poisoning so severe that required a shot in the rear to cease vomiting - it was so not awesome.    I have not ingested McDonald's chicken products since.    I easily could give up everything at McDonald's except their fries and their coke.   OH SO DELICIOUS!

Now, my fast food menu is not exclusive to McDonald's.  No I also happily am willing to entertain food from other drive thru establishments like Taco Time for example.   Sometimes we've even been known to do a medley meal.  The general point being - I eat a LOT of fast food.  Anything with a drive thru while the food isn't a culinary treat always (ok rarely) it is a convience.  Not having to get out of the car with two kids and even getting food that the boy can eat locked in his carseat (he eats so much faster when in the car with little distractions!)   Convinence often as of late has won out over healthy.   Bad news! 

Now an additional factor to this plight of convienence eating is the cost factor.   Drive thru ain't cheap!  The ironic part to this is that aside from the drive thru eating (and dining out) when we do buy food and make it at home we're almost nearly 100% organic, no high fructose corn syrup, and no perservatives.   Although we still enjoy our Kraft Mac & Cheese on occassion and occassionally certain juices that are just too yummy to not enjoy.   We're not hard-core but aware of labels certainly.     That being said the food that we purchase isn't the cheapest, so it remains to be seen if drive thru vs increased grocery bill actually is a cost saving element but we shall see because the month of May is the month we've chosen for our Fast Food B-Gone Challenge. 

So for the next thirty one  thirty days and counting we will be eating out a maximum five times a week.   It seems like a lot until you look at past behavior and expenditures.  In the week leading up to this challenge I went out to coffee, drive thru, or sit down dining 15 times. This seems average and thus why we've decided to engage in this challenge for the month of May.  While I don't plan to fully eradicate McDonald's from my life entirely,   I certainly hope to decrease my extreme codependence on drive thru dining and as a result we should be healthier and maybe a tad richer for it.  

Now in full disclosure this challenge (or scientific experiment as Loving Husband refers to it) comes with an incentive for me;  because I'll be honest "health" and "savings"  just isn't enough motivation for me to go cold turkey from the convinence of the drive thru.  I needed a bit more motivation, does this make me a weak person?  Maybe.   But honest certainly!   If I can successfully execute this challenge then I will earn myself the Canon Macro lens that I have been drooling over.  Oh the things we do for our hobbies health... definately our health.  :)

Wish us luck!  I'm not twitching yet as a result of no McD's but that could be that it's only been 48ish hours since my last fix.   I'll check back in a week or so from now and let you know if cold sweats or anything have developed.  Cheers to health!


Carrie said...

Haha, I love it. Kudos to you for picking a month that has 31 days in it too :). Good luck!

Rich said...

Hey, m'am, if I gave it up after eating it religiously for more years than you've been alive, I'm sure it will be easy for you! We're down to 1-3 takeout/dining out events per month -- it is definitely a lot cheaper even considering that the food we eat at home is eerily similar to yours. Go get 'em, and heaven help you. :)