Saturday, May 5, 2012

Cherry Trees

Every year we make it a point to venture to see the cherry blossoms.  Even last year we went prior to moving to Mississippi.  It's just a fun tradition and I absolutely love to look back on the past years to see the changes in our family.  This year we waited a little too long and almost all of the blossoms were gone, but it was a gorgeous day in the NW and it was such a blessing to be out in the warm sun.  As usual there were many pictures taken!  :)

It's so fun to see Ace try to climb the trees now, how big he is getting! It's adorable to watch Mae want to climb them too - to chase after her big brother. Both of them loved being up in the tree with their father. Although Ace was a bit gun shy with the heights in a general sense. I suppose that's good instincts. This mommy certainly prefers caution over chaos, not sure dad does though. ;-)  I just love their pensive looks in these two shots...

There was a lot of fun climbing in trees and running around in the grass.  The kids enjoyed picking up grass, dirt, sticks and leaves.   Ace and his father enjoyed 'listening' to what the grass blades were telling them - often it meant being tickled.  

Trying to get the kids to take a picture just the two of them was nearly impossible, until we found an electrical outlet in the ground and that struck both of their fancy and that was my moment, my shot, my only picture of the siblings together - still enough for daylight-speed photography to catch a clear shot that yes we have two kids that like being near each other.  Otherwise they were too busy, wild and having a grand time independent of one another.

Stopped to say a prayer to Jesus
It was a great day that was followed by lunch out and then a mother son date (more on that to come!) We enjoyed a sunny afternoon and were able to capture it on film, only thanks to the fact that I always carry a back up SD card in my camera bag! The SD card that I usually have was sadly left in my computer.  So a note to photographers, be sure to always have those extras tucked away - otherwise  our outing would have been a whole lot of cell phone shots.

Until next year...

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Laura Railing said...

What a neat idea for pictures! The prayer one is just precious! Love it :)