Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Progress Check

I meant to post this around the 15th or so... but Mae had a doozy of a week last week and so I was a bit preoccupied - so with a little over a week left in the Fast Food B-Gone Challenge where do we/I stand?
First a reminder of what the challenge was... Let me also state that this was exclusively a challenge for myself - Loving Husband was not restricted by these 'rules' in his day to day eating habits.

Week One:
It worked out nicely that the month of May started on a Tuesday, gave me a nice 'ease in' to the challenge (since after all I did in fact have some McDs that Monday.)   I was very happy that I did not 'use' my Starbucks or Panera Bread options in these 5 days and we went to dinner once and the kids and I had Jamba Juice once.   Ironically, the husband had McDonald's that Friday with his coworkers.   He never eats there unless it's my choice typically. 

Week Two:
This week has already become foggy to me, but I think if I recall correctly I used all my options with the exception of one dining out meal.   We used my Panera Bread option to enjoy lunch with the grandparents on a sunny Saturday afternoon out on our deck. 

Week Three:
This is the week that I feel I should get a gold medal - or certainly my lens at the end of all of this.  I was in and out of doctor's appointments all week with Mae - several hours at a time and either needed to eat quickly before or certainly afterwards - McDonald's would have been so convenient!  In fact after our trip to the ER at 1am upon leaving at 5am we did drive thru Mcds for LH and Ace.  Yes the two of them consumed greasy delicious smelling breakfast sandwiches and I had nothing.

I'd also like to pat myself on the back (yes it's a tad absurd, I recognize this!) that I 'used up' all my options all but Panera Bread by Wednesday.   On Mother's Day we went out to lunch and dinner (Loving Husband claimed that the dinner could be a 'bonus' meal and I could still have 2 more dining out options if I so chose, but I declined the charity.) ;-) Starbucks was a necessity after another 3+ hour visit to the doctor on Tuesday and then we enjoyed take out on Wednesday night.    I held onto Panera Bread the rest of the week and eventually used it for dinner on Saturday night after a long day away from the house. 

This coconut mocha frap was sooo needed!

Week Four:
That's now!  It's Tuesday now and I've thus far used none of my options - although the boy is itching for some pumpkin bread so that might be on our agenda today! 

There are ten days remaining on this challenge.   Is it hard? At times.  Is it impossible?  No.   Could I remove eating out entirely?  At this point, no.  Our lives get chaotic with unexpected deployments, illnesses, and changes that the concept of totally eradicating 'dining out' just isn't feasibly for my sanity.   It's physically possible - if it was do or die I certainly COULD do it - but I appreciate the option from time to time. What this challenge has shown me is that fast food doesn't have to be my default option - that the amount of time it takes to make a sandwich is about the same as it takes to drive to and thru somewhere, that taking the extra 10 minutes upon getting home to make said sandwich doesn't alter life so dramatically prior to nap time or bedtime.  

Healthy wise, I really feel no different.   I didn't feel bad before beginning this challenge and I don't feel an better than before - is that noteworthy?  I don't know.  

So that is where I stand on the month long challenge.  I think next month I'll set a more photographic based challenge with my new lens ;)

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