Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Fat Lip

Dear Son,
When you were four months old in the throws of teething one time shoved your finger so far up my nose I swore it was bleeding profusely. In reality, it just hurt a lot. You were in a lot of pain and weren't doing anything malicious other than trying to run away from the pain, flailing limbs and all. Then when you were nine months old you drew your first blood when you somehow smacked your mouth on your crib. Ouchie! A painful but inevitable first in your rambunctious life.

However, this first in your growing life at the age of twenty-nine months, I could have passed on... (ok I could have passed on the other two as well...) and certainly hope not to repeat. Deal? You see in recent days you've been expressing frustration in not being heard getting your way... perhaps it's a little bit of both. Often resulting in meltdowns of epic sad proportions that really are quite silly for the injustice you are protesting. But such is the life of a toddler at times.

So what happened you ask? Well, after brushing your teeth (the start of your bedtime routine) you had it in your head that you had been allotted "5 more minutes" of playing downstairs. Alas the assumption was wrong and you collapsed onto the floor in weeping heartbrokenness. You weren't mad, mostly just over-tired and stalling. In my attempt to show you some grace and leeway I tried to lean down and comfort you and distract you... at the same time that you decided to jump up full force to go from crying to frustrated and angry... right into my canine tooth. You hit my tooth with your head so hard I swore you had a hole in your head from my tooth. Your crying went from tears of protest to legitimate tears of pain. I moved you from the hallway to our bed to assess the damage. Your dad came up to assist. We established no holes in your head, but that I was bleeding. Ultimately the damage was my tooth went through my lip in two places on the inside. We basically pierced the inside of my lip. Super, but not what I was looking for.

You were very concerned for mommy. In fact you asked to pray for mommy's lip with both mom and dad during bedtime prayers and you have asked every morning since the incident if mommy's lip feels better. After three days, I'm happy to reassure you that it is almost nearly healed. :) Your concern and remorse are heartfelt and make me proud of you. I am so happy that you care, remember, and ask about the well being of those you injure. ;-) However, let's work on keeping injuries (personal or inflicted on others) to a minimum, deal?

All my love,

Your forgiving mommy

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