Monday, January 17, 2011

One Week Old

How has a week passed already?! I know I said almost the exact same thing with Ace and look at the heights he's soared to these days. Mae has been a doll. She is a very good sleeper (Praise the Lord!) and wakes every 3-4 hours to eat. In fact she is a SOUND sleeper. Today, Loving Husband turned the vacuum on in the same room that she had recently started snoozing in (we wanted to see how she would do) and she didn't even budge. Guess all that yelling and noise making that her brother did while she was on the inside conditioned her. In fact if she hadn't passed her hearing test I'd be a tad worried. :) But as it is, she's just a good sound sleeper.

Mae entered this world weighing 6lbs and 8oz. She was weighed again on Thursday last week and weighed 6lbs and 2oz. She's doing great and well above the 10% weight loss window that they want all newborns in. She is TINY. So tiny in fact that she is wearing preemie diapers and onesies. She's a tad too long for preemie feetie pjs, but the onesies - while they say they only go to 5lbs are cozy on her. Although I suspect their days are numbered. She has a doctor's appointment tomorrow and we'll find out then how her weight is going. Although she is a great eater, so I suspect she'll be closer to her birth weight than further away. She still wears preemie diapers but the newborns aren't falling off of her - so she can wear those as well.

She has started to become more aware of her surroundings. Spending more time looking around and adjusting to daytime vs. nighttime. Her first two nights at home she was awake from 2am-4am nearly wide awake. That seems to be short lived and she is more only awake at night to get her food and then fall back asleep.

Our little girl enjoyed her first (at home) bath this week - and overall loved when the warm water was being poured on her, but if it wasn't actively being poured she was pretty unhappy... can't really blame her - it was probably pretty chilly - inspite of our best efforts to keep her warm.

She enjoyed tummy time for the first time two nights ago. Her big brother helped show her how to do it - and she did great! She even was kicking her legs up and moving her head from one side to the other - even with hiccups she wasn't too frustrated. We are guessing she's going to be an early roller like her brother was.

Today she enjoyed her first shopping trip with her momma to BRU. We needed to get a few more newborn sleepers - I didn't have many because Ace didn't stay in them for very long because he came out 21" (NB size goes to 21.5") so he really wasn't in them for much time, so we only had 2 that really worked for her - and with it being so chilly we needed a few more. She fell asleep in the car on the drive there and snoozed during the excursion.

Car trips so far have been great. Today she fussed a little bit when we weren't moving, but once we were cruising without stopping for a bit, she was a-ok and fell asleep. Ace never was content in the car until we found out Kokomo was our soothing agent... and my oh my how many times we listened to that song. I know there is still time for her to 'grow into' discontentment with the car rides - but I'm hopeful for a more mellow indifference to the car.

Our first week as a family of four has been wonderful. Sleep has been obtained by all parties, with only one night for each parent of really needing some recharging... Big brother has been a great help and loves to hug and kiss his sister... and Mae is thriving! We can't wait for the weeks to come!

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