Saturday, January 8, 2011

Happy New Year!

I know, I'm a tad out of order on my posts - but eh sue me. ;-)

Our new year was extremely low key. Compared to past years of festivities. Last year we had a quieter event with some of our family, this year it was just the 3.5 of us.

We allowed Ace to stay up and enjoy the New York New Year. He enjoyed playing around much past his normal 7:30 bedtime and enjoying some bubbly of his own (Sprite and apple juice.) We watched the ball drop in Time Square, snapped one final family photo of 2010 - and Ace helped count down to the new year.

After we got him tucked into bed, I searched the tv for anything to watch - Men in Black ended up being the winner - but it was only the last 15 minutes of the movies... so after that was over - I went and grabbed MiB2 and we tossed that in the DVD player. Loving Husband I enjoyed watching that while crocheting and playing on the computer (I'll let you figure out whom enjoyed which secondary activity.)

The movie ended right around 11:30, just in time to switch it to some NYE 'entertainment' New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys together??? What every 1990's-pre-teen's dream was... back in the 90s. Seriously, guys?! Wow. The NKOTB looked like men from wall street ... as they should be since they're pushing 40! In the final moments we switched over to the local feed and watched the firework show at the Space Needle. Loving Husband and I enjoyed ringing in the new year just the two of us... while Mae squirmed around on the inside... making her mommy happy by finally ensuring that she would in fact be a January baby!

Loving Husband and I headed to bed around 1am... and around 5:30, Ace woke up and threw up. Ugh! What a way to ring in the new year. It wasn't much and after he calmed down he wanted to go back to sleep in his own bed. I asked twice if he was sure... and he was sleepy already and said "I'm sure, mommy." Made me a little sad that he didn't want to come snuggle with him after getting sick. I went back to my bed and prayed it was a fluke. However, I couldn't fall asleep much before 6am and I awoke again to him coughing (his tell) at 6:20... LH got to him with the bowl and he threw up again a tad more than before, but not much. At that point he was all done sleeping and ready to be awake. He was his chipper happy self. So I got up with him and LH went back to bed for a bit. Odd to me what he threw up was his lunch from the day before... not his dinner or any subsequent snacks he had after lunch... just the hot dog. Aside from being tired later in the day - he's had no more issues... so I guess it was just the hot dog, but still odd and not the way I wanted to begin the new year!

We being up at 6:20am put on a movie and he played around while I sleepily sat observing him to make sure he really was ok. Then around 8am I turned on the Rose Parade. I tradition that I absolutely love on New Year's morning. Ace was compliant when I'd try to show him something, but overall wasn't terribly interested. Our day remained low key and Ace continued to feel fine.

We're very much enjoying 2011 so far, and are excited to see what this year has to hold for our family!

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