Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Two Weeks Old

Mae is doing so well. She continues to be a good eater and sleeper. We as a family of four continue to work through the challenges of sleep and attention balancing as well. In this second week of Mae's life more firsts have been accomplished.

Last Tuesday, we returned to swim lessons with Ace. Loving Husband and him enjoyed swim lessons while Mae slept snuggly in the wrap on my chest. She did great and stayed out until Ace was finished and dressed. I nursed her before we loaded up into the car and headed out. All in all a very successful swim lesson time for everyone.

Another first that followed immediately after swimming was: dining out as a family of four! We headed to a local pancake house (since mom and dad did not get food before we left the house for swim lessons) and ordered food. Mae ate during a good portion of the meal actually being on the table, but it was manageable and everyone was pretty happy and everyone ate a hot meal, so again quite successful!

As previously reported, Mae ventured to her first doctor's appointment and received her first shot (Hep B.) She was a trooper through the pricks and prodding and got a clean bill of health from the doctor. In fact her weight gain was so good that we were told we don't need to bring her in until her 1 month check up (typically we are supposed to make a 2 week appointment visit to do a weight check, as that is when they want babies to be back at their birth weight by.) Mae was only 1.5oz off from that and so the doctor was not concerned in the least with her weight gain.

Mae accomplished quite a feat in her second week of life. At 9 ... yes NINE days old, Mae rolled over tummy to back! We attempted to reset her and have her repeat it for documentation purposes, but she was having none of it. To date, she has yet to do it again... but it was witnessed by both parents - so it is legit! :) She also continues to enjoy limited amounts of tummy time, and like her brother at this age, likes to scoot along the floor by pushing off dad's hands. It's pretty adorable, and impressive considering she's under 7lbs and is scooting and lifting her head so well!

At 10 days old Mae joined the rest of the family and got her picture taken at JCPenny. Both her and Ace did great during the pictures. Little Lady's eyes still are not at full strength so when people (cameras) get really in her face she has a proclivity to cross her eyes. It isn't ideal for the pictures, but we still got some pretty adorable ones of her, the two of them, and all of us together. Looking forward to having that cd in a couple of weeks.

She is a pretty calm baby and really only fusses when she's hungry or gassy. She (again like her brother) doesn't seem bothered if her diaper is wet or dirty, so we're always having to check for it rather than her fussing about it. She's not bothered by loud noises (aka her brother) and while she might startle at a sudden noise, it doesn't reduce her to tears.

Sleep wise, we seem to get 3-4 hours out of her at a time. Although unlike her brother she doesn't just eat and is out again. When she wakes after that 3-4 hour block she's up for at least 30-60 minutes... which if that were during the day is all fine and dandy... but at night, I'm not as huge of a fan. We've eliminated some of the lengthiness, by sitting her up to eat, rather than me nursing her while laying down. She seems to keep the food down better and thus sleep sooner rather than having to refill. So perhaps a bit more practice will reduce that middle of the night awake-window over the course of this next week.

Mae also enjoyed her first visit to church this week. For most of the service I was in the nursing room with her. Which is nice, I get to watch the sermon on a tv on a comfy couch with my feet up. Really can't complain. :) She fell asleep at the end of the service during the singing and overall did great.

Ace continues to love his sister, wanting to give her kisses and hugs every morning. He also loves to say good night to her. When she's fussy he wants to help calm her down, and he wants her to play legos with him too. It's very sweet. She loves to look at him and watch all he's doing when she is awake. I hope they continue to get along so well. :)

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