Thursday, January 6, 2011

An Only Child

Ace for the last 2 years, 4 months, 13 days (and counting!) has been an only child. He has received the benefit of having mommy and dad's undivided attention. We've tried really hard - even before the impending birth of his sister - to socialize him, to provide him with ample opportunity to learn to free-play, and to be ok doing things on his own. However, Ace in very short order is going to be going from 'only child' status to 'oldest child' status. While I hope and expect (for the most part) this to be an easy transition - I (as well as he) will be sad that we will be losing that special status of 'only child.'

Having spent 4 months and 13 days in the 'terrible twos' I can't consciously call to memory repeated bad behavior that makes me groan 'when will this phase be over?!' Ace for the most part has been a joy rather than a job. I love spending time with him, helping him learn. We are currently learning the days of the week, months of the year, and the ABC song. You can hear him muttering these during his free-play time. While of course even after Mae is here, we'll still be able to do these things - there will be interruptions, there will be distractions that didn't previously exisit. I think he'll weather the transition well - but I am trying to enjoy these final moments of 'concentration' that we have left.

Mae is due on Sunday. I am scheduled for induction on Monday. I am thrilled that there is an end date set for this pregnancy. I'm anxious for her arrival - because I want her here with us. I am not worried or stressed about the prospect of taking care of two kids. I'm looking forward to the challenge and the excitement that comes with having another member of the family! Ace still is very excited to be a big brother, and he's equally as excited to get to spend time with Gran and Pop Pop while mommy goes to the hospital to get Mae out.

Loving Husband had to go back to work this week - so it's just the boy and I - and part of me loves that we get these last few days to have some one on one time. Although my uber pregnant body is craving the help that I had while LH was on vacation the last two weeks of December. It's only a few more days. Ultimately we're down to 5 days or less that Ace is an only child. I look forward to a spectacular end to what has been a great chapter in our lives and the beginning that is sure to be equally as grand and adventurous.

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