Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Another Sister?

When Ace came to the hospital to meet his baby sister, shortly after his arrival he asked where his other sister was. He had previously mentioned once or twice wanting two sisters, or that there were two sisters in my stomach. My suspicion was that because my friends Blana have twins that he thinks babies come in pairs... although who knows. In the hospital, since Mae was only about 4 hours old, my stomach was still somewhat large and so Ace, like he had been doing for the last 8+ months, lifted my shirt up and said "I want another sister out. Another sister in there?" I tried to explain to him that she was on the outside now, no more sisters were inside mommy's tummy. He seemed to accept that and continued to play.

Over these last two weeks, he's asked a dozen or so times though about 'another sister' in mommy's tummy. He points at my belly button and says "sister comes out soon?" and again I gently try to explain, nope there's only the one. Trust me, buddy... in a few months you'll be asking me to but the one back in - let alone wanting a second one to come out. ;-) I think it's sweet that he wants another one... although I'd like to think that my stomach doesn't look THAT pregnant still. Oh the way a two year old's mind works. I love that kid.

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hahahahahhahahaha! - dana :D