Thursday, January 27, 2011

Back Floating!

Ace has been in swim lessons since he was five months old. Once a week (with a few exceptions for vacations and breaks between sessions) for nearly two years we have enjoyed our 30 minutes of swim lessons. He's had his advances and set backs with 'dips' and a struggle with independence and wanting to do things - but the one area he has always fought against was the back float! EVERY class there is at least one song worth of back floating practice... and EVERY class there is a fight against the back float by my son. Every. single. one. of. them. He just DOES NOT LIKE IT! Doesn't want his ears in the water, doesn't want the loss of control he feels on his back, a combo of both? He just will squirm and twist until he's back on his belly. Occasionally for mere moments he can be distracted by a mirror, but only in recent months.

However, I am proud, elated, stoked to report that Ace has now been used as the EXAMPLE! on how to back float! YIPEE!

He may look like he's wincing in this picture,
but he's mostly just keeping his eyes
shut tight so that water doesn't get in them.

Overall, back floating is not his favorite. He'd much prefer to do something else, but he's done so well the last two weeks with back floating. Not sure if swimming with his father has given him more confidence or if the switch just happened at a time when he decided to stop fighting the back float... but either way, regardless... Ace is back floating! I'm quite proud!

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Grandma said...

Great Job Aiden!! Grandma is proud of you!!