Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Summer is here!

Yipee! Sound the trumpets! Break out the Popsicles! Summer has found its way to the Northwest! YahoO!!! Am I excited? Absolutely! I am done with the dreary COLD weather! Brrr. Done done done! Looking forward to being HOT! Yes, I am! To kick off our summer excitement Ace and I went to pick strawberries. :) Ace had a blast and so did his mom and for $4.60 we got a flat of strawberries, enough to make jam and have plenty to snack on for a day or two.... or an hour or two if Ace has his way. ;-)

While out at the U-Pick Farm we had a great time hunting for berries amid the plants. Ace got the hang of picking the early and ate probably as many as we picked to take home... so a LOT. Nicely they are naturally grown and not covered in pesticides so it's ok.

After we got home, we broke out the pool and the spray bottle... a current giggly favorite. Seriously this kid loves to spray the bottle in his face and just laugh and laugh. It's actually quite adorable.

At one point he fell into his pool, and mom got quite the action shot. He recovered nicely and continued to play - perhaps even cooler than he was beforehand.

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