Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy 4th of July!

We had a wonderful 4th of July! Ace aboslutely loved it. We started off the day before lighting off a few 'baby' fireworks for him to see what they were all about. Then in the morning PopPop and Gran came over, so we lit off a few sparklers, roman candles and bees. Ace had a blast and kept saying 'more more more' and requesting the booms, sparkles, and crackles.

We headed to our friend's Brad and Angie's for the festive BBQ and fun. We were lucky and escaped all signs of rain in the area we were in, thank goodness! Ace had a blast playing in the backyard running around and then later lighting fireworks off with his dad. He also made a new best friend in Jackie. Which was excellent because it allowed for mom to do what she loves, take pictures of the fireworks and for dad to do what he loves, light them off. So THANK YOU to Jackie for watching him during the bulk of the big lighting of things.

Ace enjoyed holding his first sparkler (with a bit of help) and the roman candles with dad. He also stayed awake the entire night and not a bit fussy. He kept asking for more crackles, sparkles, and fire throughout the evening! We got him in the car around 11pm and was out within 10 minutes. We had a great day! To see our adventures last year, click here.

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