Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Twenty-Three Months Old

Tick tock, tick tock... two is just around the block... I know, I know. Cheesy... but I have a toddler - rhyming and silliness is currently what I'm 'majoring' in so you'll have to bear with me.

Ace had a great 23rd month - more new things to experience and firsts. Ace learned to jump! He loves it and hops all over the place when reminded that he can. It's pretty adorable. Ace also is very into the phrase "I gotta ____" He's gotta drive, he's gotta pick 'em, he's gotta go to the store. It's adorable and I will miss it when it's gone.

Speaking of picking Ace had several new adventures with picking berries this past month. He picked strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries this past month and my goodness what fun he did have. :) He ate his weight at each picking adventure - and had a blast. Now every time he eats berries he says "I picked 'em" or if he sees them in a picture, or in the store he says "I gotta pick 'em"

His vocabular is extensive and his understanding is mindboggling. He is quick to repeat any word, no matter the syllabal count ... so we certainly have to be more careful of what we're talking about while he's around. He retains EVERYTHING.

Ace also has taken an interest in wanting his picture to be taken. He will carry the camera over to momma and say 'Pictures, please' and so I will take his picture... he also will take his picture with me and follow the 'commands' of 'smile' or 'stick out your tongue' it's a lot of fun.

Bumps and scrapes... Ace had a few this month. On one he scraped his back on his car - pretty deep cut on his lower back - he was not a happy camper - and he really hates bandaids. He did get to experience neosporin for his first time - and that he seemed to do ok with. Ace also experienced his first burn on his finger - due to touching the coffee pot burner. Complete accident, but he did get two small blisters on his fingers - they healed without issue and never broke.

In the sickness department - the night before Ace turned 23 months old - he woke up around 3:30 in the moring and for 90 minutes off and on continued to throw up his raspberry and yogurt snack he had before bed. He wasn't happy at all - but when he woke the next morning he was a happy camper as if nothing was wrong. Mom and Dad were perplexed but continued on life as normal... long story short I took him in on Tuesday to double check that it was merely a stomach virus - and the doctor felt he was fine and if there was any left in his system that it was normal and would work itself out. I'm glad that he wasn't feel bad, aside from when he did throw up. He is far from a fan of that.

Ace continues to love to floss. Every night. His dentist would be so proud. Brushing his teeth, he doesn't seem to care one way or another - but we don't have fits about it - but he doesn't run in there to brush his teeth. He will run in there to floss though... silly boy!

He is a joy, a blessing, and an all around good kid. He certainly has started to venture into tantrums but they never last long and are often corrected and he says he's sorry. He loves to say prayers - sometimes he'll ask to say them in the middle of the day 'Prayers' or 'pray to Jesus' it melts my heart and I know that we're so far doing pretty good with this kid.

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