Tuesday, July 27, 2010

16 Weeks

You may have noticed a lack in blogging in recent days. A lot has been happening in and around my world. Mostly around it - to friends of mine. Sometimes in life things happen that knock you on your ass - and you never would have fathomed it. A friend of mine found out her nine month old daughter has cancer. The word no parents or individual ever wants to hear. Yet on Friday night there they were faced with it. It causes everyone to stop and pause. To rush to help in whatever way possible, but for the most part all we can do is hope and pray for their little baby girl. It puts into greater perspective how much I should never take for granted the health and development of my own children. We never know what may be around the next corner.

Sunday marked the 16th week of pregnancy for me. Saturday marked Ace turning 23 months old. A post on his 23rd month will be arriving shortly, I promise. Late Friday night I blogged that I was able to hear her (or his) heart for the first time and what a wonderful experience that was.

Baby  is growing at a nice and steady rate. Baby's crown to rump length is 11 or 12 cm or 5 inches. Therefore, never to disappoint in object comparison that means baby is the size of an avocado or the length of my mascara tube. Baby weighs about 100-150 grams or 3.5-5.3 ounces. Momma's belly continues to expand.

Baby's eyes and ears are in their proper place now. Baby's circulatory system is completely functional. Baby's sweat glands are developing. Baby's heart now pumps about 25 quarts of blood per day! That's crazy! Lots of things happening! Baby continues to grow, mom continues to feel better and better ... on most days. Life continues on.

If you get a moment and you think about it - please pray for my friend and her family. When I feel it appropriate I will provide more details. Thank you.

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