Saturday, July 24, 2010

Woosh Woosh Woosh

Today, I went in for a non-routine check up that we simply morphed into my routine check up. I went in today (my scheduled appointment was set for next Tuesday) but I was having a multitude of symptoms that individually, all are simply pregnancy in all its delight... but combined I was ever slightly nervous and figured - it won't cost me anything to go but time - so why not see if they can fit me in and check me out. And they happily did just that.

Our sixteen week appointment is the fun appointment! The one we get to hear the heartbeat for the first time! :) Yay! All the other appointments they've simply measured it on the ultrasound monitor. So we've only seen her (or his) heart beating not heard it. That woosh woosh woosh - Baby TIME's heart rate had been measuring relatively high and steady the last few appointments at 155. This appointment it was beating at 142. All happy and normal.

All my aches and issues ended up being standard - which if I had only had one or two I would have thought nothing but the same - but combined with them all I started to wonder... so after a good check to make sure baby's not trying to make a WAY too early break for it - and determining nope not even slightly - we're all good. Momma and Baby are doing fine. Momma has some back pain, pressure, and round ligament pain that she's been experiencing pretty consistently now for a while - but it's survivable - and all for an excellent cause. :)

They did the blood work that would have been done on Tuesday, so I won't have to go back in for that - and of course took my weight - I'm gaining at just the right 'rate' oh goodie. I was trying to remember how my weight gain was last pregnancy - but I forgot to ask - so I'll have to next time to see how they compare. :) Baby is healthy and happy and I'm assuming squirming away - still can't feel him (or her) yet.

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