Monday, July 5, 2010

13 Weeks

Today Baby is a peach... or at least the size of one... or a nutter butter covered in chocolate, yum! Baby's crown to rump length is 7-9 cm or 3.0-3.5 inches. Baby weighs about 35 grams or 1.25 ounces. Baby TIME's teeth sockets are starting to take formation and hair follicles are forming.

Mommy's belly is sticking out more and more on a regular basis. The past few weeks even though I look ginormous in some instances (for being under 20 weeks) it doesn't always stay that way and when I lie down my stomach basically disappears. It's a weird phenomenon. Morning sickness is winding down, I haven't felt sick every day now for a week or so. I just get random waves every now and again. Hoping that we continue to trend that direction!

My friend Angie is due on November 11th with her first (a boy!), so she's in her 21st week and I am in my 13th. Here we are nearly 'neck and neck' for the belly war face off... ok not really she's winning by a few weeks. ;-)

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