Monday, August 24, 2009

One Year

Today marks a whole new chapter as he adventures into the world of a toddler; and he is well on his way. New adventures discovered in month 12: babysitting by non-family, climbing onto things, shoes, a trip to the dentist, his first birthday party!

Yes Ace has had a wonderful 12th month and rounded it out with a very exciting Nemo themed birthday party, surrounded by ALL of his grandparents and adoring fans.
Happy Birthday, Ace! Today you are one!
Ace seems to be growing like a weed and I feel that every time that I look at him he's taller than the time before - and it's quite possible that I'm NOT exaggerating. It's just crazy how fast he's shooting up like a weed (check back later this week for official stats when we make it to our 12 month doctor's appointment.) He's wearing 4.5 shoes, and still fits into 4, but just barely. He LOVES LOVES LOVES the shoes - have I mentioned that? A couple of times you say? Well it's true. He does. When he brings you one shoe and you ask him to bring him the other one... he will... only after you put the first one on. It's a requirement. He's understand language and understanding more and more.

Ace this month has been blowing out of the water the educational track. He has learned "no" (Mommy's thrilled... or not) but doesn't use it too much. He can communicate "no" also through the shaking of his head and he's got the sign "all done" down to a perfected science. He has recently added "eat" to his sign language vocabulary and is starting to work on "please" and "thank you". We'll see how those go. Also in the way of education Mommy and Ace have school every day - often in the mornings. Lately we've been learning colors and shapes. He can definitively pick out the color red and that's about it. We have a shape sorter and he has mastered putting the circle in the circle hole. He's doing really well. His aptitude with cause and effect is excellent. Mom and Dad are so proud!

He gaining speed as well. He's stronger and faster every day and continues to climb to new heights - literally. Yes, Ace is doing very well learning how to climb up and onto couches. Although so far - he only knows that he can get onto one. I'm guessing before the end of his 13th month - I'll be reporting his enlightenment to all couches being fair game for climbing - then I'm in trouble.

Ace has continued to enjoy swim lessons and is doing better and better staying under the water and even free swimming to mommy from the instructor. He's quite the waterbug in general. He really enjoys the bath tub, although not when I make him sit down. Rats. He loves playing in the sprinkler and in his little kiddie pool that we have. He just loves water and we love to watch him play in it. Swim lessons will continue throughout the fall.

Also during Ace's 12th month of life he enjoyed being babysat by Tom and Stacy while mom and dad went out for our anniversary. He seemed to have an ok time, especially since it was his first time not being with family. We were very proud of him and appreciative of Tom & Stacy.

This last weekend was the event many had been waiting for (ok especially me!) Ace's first birthday party. Yes, in the planning phase since he first set eyes on the little orange Nemo at 6 weeks old, yes Ace had himself a Nemo themed birthday party and my oh my what fun was had. Ace had a great time having ALL of his grandparents in one space together along with several faces he adores of friends and a relatively new face (or one he hasn't seen since he was 4 months old) Alex. Ace walked right up to Alex during his running around play time, and up into his lap?! We were all in awe as we watched him and Alex wander all around and play together for a while. It was really cute. A new best friend was found.

Ace did smashingly well with his cake. ;-) Although he needed a little help at first he got into the spirit of it all - and did a good job getting smothered in frosty goodness. And really didn't intake too much sugar in the process. Excellent! Lots of film footage and photography was obtained from the event. His presents were extremely fun for him (and the rest of us) and his two favorite (not to say he doesn't love them all) were the 100 balls and the wooden Nemo. Oh what fun was had with all of those - even two days later he's still enjoying them - that is the sign of good toys. ;-)

His birthday, today, has been a pretty average day - we dropped off  Grammie and Auntie Dawn at the airport and then headed to Ikea where we obtained a plush soccer ball. Now that he's one he certainly needs a full size soccer ball... but since he is ONLY one then the plush version is ideal. He loved it and him and dad kicked it all over the room.

It seems IMPOSSIBLE that a full year and 15 hours has passed since Ace entered this world, but my oh my what a year it has been. Just when I think I can't love him anymore... he does something more amazing. Like yesterday, when I said 'give mommy a kiss'. He stopped what he was doing came over, and for the first time, gave me a kiss on the lips. It was so sweet... and not a drop of slobber. Now that's a memory that I repeat "do not forget this.. do not forget this."

I love you, Ace with all of my heart! Happy Birthday, Baby Bear.


Lori said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I can't believe it's already been a whole year!

FROGGITY! said...

Happy Birthday!!! What a milestone! :)

Heather said...

Happy Birthday, Aiden!!

Alex had lots of fun with Aiden, too. He brought it up several times later in the weekend. So, if you want a babysitter, it sounds like he's interested. ;)

Shraddha@theselfloveproject said...

Happy birthday Aiden!

lovely post!!


Lorie Shewbridge said...

What beautiful memories, mommy... I'll be he will love reading it when he is older.

Happy birthday, Aiden!!