Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Cooking in Heat!

In the Northwest in recent days it has been nothing but a sweltering sauna! Terrible! Since we live in the northwwest and it gets super hot less than 10 days a year, the concept of air conditioning seems rather silly - except during those 10 days. It was down right miserable around these parts - reaching 82' on the midlevel of our house before 9am! The midlevel being where the kitchen was the idea of turning on the oven or stove let alone standing over it to cook seemed down right sadistic! So I didn't. Note my last blog is about two weeks ago? Yep only today did the air finally reach a more tolerable temperature.

What did we do for dinners? Well on one of the days of the high heat, I recreated this salad. That fed myself and my husband for a meal or two. We also dined out on our deck because after 6pm it was cooler outside than it was in.

Other meals included a lot of microwave, cold cuts, or take out - often take out was enjoyed since we were staying inside air conditioned resturants as long as we could.
Next up on the cooking menu: cake! Yes, I'm doing a trial run of Ace's birthday cake this week. It will be my first attempt with fondant. We'll see how that goes!!


Julie said...

I love to cook, I'm a mother of four and grandmother of nine granddaughters. Following young mothers enjoying the process of becoming a domestic goodess reminds me of wonderful memories. I will be following this blog. Congrats on your SITS day!


M.J. said...

I love cooking blogs! Happy SITS day to you!

Tina at Mommy's Kitchen said...

I have a cooking site as well. Stopping by from SITS. Checking out your recipes right now.

Helene said...

I hate to cook when it's hot! In fact, yesterday my hubby wanted me to make chicken wings and the house was SO hot afterwards. I told him tonight I'm either cooking on the stove or we're just doing salad b/c I can't stand having the oven on when the house is hotter than 80 degrees!

Again, congrats on your SITS day! I'm now following this blog...looking forward to learning some new recipes and ideas from you!

Amethyst Moon said...

Stopping by from SITS. Living in Florida, being without air conditioning would be like living without water. I do remember when I lived in Maine, though, the 10 hot days of the year that would make the local rental places sell out of window units, so I can absolutely appreciate your latest post. I too, have a newer blog. Check it out if you get a chance.

Helen McGinn said...

Hi, fellow cookie blogger. Stopping by via SITS via blogger of the day. Nice to meet you and I really like your blog. xx

Jingle said...

That looks super yummy!