Monday, August 31, 2009

Delancey - A Resturant in Review

I'm not often a fanatic of many things. There are many things that I like, lots that I love, but fanatic, rarely. However, I have to say that I am instantly a fanatic (in a completely sane manner) of the new budding restaurant called Delancey. It's a wood fire pizza restaurant designed and planned by a husband and wife team. The wife of whom is also the author of the blog Orangette and of the book A Homemade Life. Suffice it to say I was eager to venture to this restaurant. We attempted to make reservations for their opening ... and three weeks later we got in!

The starters, the pizzas, the wine, and the desserts were all wonderful. An excellent blend of flavors and recipes that made the dining experience excellent. Besides the food the entire interior of the restaurant is just charming. You can tell a lot of thought and style choices went into this restaurant. Their baby. It was such a delight and the company was excellent. I will certainly be a repeat customer.


Helen McGinn said...

It looks gorgeous! I plan to visit Seattle next year (hopefully) so I'll visit it.
Helen x

The Redhead Riter said...

This is a stretch, but have you ever seen the movie "Crossing Delancey" with Amy Irving? Older movie now, but one of my very favorites. Most people hate it, but I think it is a great love story about a REAL woman.