Friday, February 10, 2012

Ten on Ten - February

After a very long week of illness - and a day yesterday that I hope never to repeat - today was looking brighter, happier, sillier, and more peaceful.   While I still required a drive thru to feed our family for one meal - we didn't for all three and THAT is a big step toward returning to the land of healthy!
8:00am - I can't tell you how hard I laughed after snapping this picture. 

9:00 - I spent some time working on a shot for my 'Warmth' entry - I ultimately went a different route.

10:00 - Still playing in the warm clothes box that was consequently next to the shoe rack,
the boy was showing me how to stay warm. 
Although here he's trying to keep his my boot on.

11:00 - Mae was looking out the window. 
This was after giving herself a shiner by falling off the couch,
which she got onto by balancing on her bike.

12:00 - Before we had lunch we first had a tea party!  These were a few of our guests.

1:00 - We finally are dressed!  Time for some reading before naps.

2:00 - Mae decided she didn't need a nap since she took a car-nap, so while brother was
sleeping stalling like nobodies business from his nap... she had another tea party.

3:00 - A new puzzle arrived for Mae!  Her brother is obsessed with his floor puzzles, but she just gets told 'no' a lot around those and so I thought it only fair to get her one of her own - and she loves it.  I got it here.

4:00 - Ace and Mae spend the better part of the hour running around the living room chasing one another.

5:00 - Time to start dinner with some butternut squash ravioli and organic spinach that was steamed and then tossed with chopped garlic, sea salt, and toasted sesame oil.  The meal took ten minutes to make, no lie.

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brianne said...

aww that first pic of mae is so sweetly sad. glad they are both on the mend!

Y said...

10 am is cracking me up!!

Brooke said...

Ha! These are great. Love your guys fancy footwear!!

the girl said...

I love that they chase each other. so much fun to chase!! And dinner looks good!! mmm! bry

Jacci said...

very fun :) I think 3pm (was that the puzzle?) is my favorite. But you got lots of good shots!

Lyxa said...

I love your pictures! Especially the picture at 3:00 pm. Now you've got a follower from Germany :D