Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Gray Hair

I think gray hair comes with the territory of motherhood.  Not just as a sign of aging, but also diligent parenting. My daughter is going to give them to me soon only give me more as she grows up.    Mae's antics are certainly going to have them growing full force!   Confused?  Thought Ace would be the cause of my gray hair?   He is 'the boy' after all - they do all sorts of wild crazy stuff.   While true - Mae seems to be a bit more daring earlier...   She also has a streak of naughty.   Yes, naughty... what on earth do I mean?   Well a picture (or several) are worth 1000 words... enjoy!

Why, yes that IS her scaling a gate - this was when she was 11 months old

All chairs must be pushed in. Thanks for the reminder, Mae!

Trash can lid needs to be fully closed...

She waited until mommy's hands were covered in raw chicken and then went to the cabinet and got out the cherrios and proceeded to dump them, consume them, and smile at me so proudly.

The next day wondering where they all went - having taken this out of the recycling box...
Mae certainly keeps us on our toes!  Whether she's climbing some where or getting place she should not go - she's just so darn cute it's impossible to be mad at her, but trust me she is never out of sight for long for fear of where she might venture or new height she might scale!

Look at that smirk!  She's plotting something, I just know it!
We love our little cutie and even amid her climbing, curiosity, and antics - she is worth every gray hair that forms on my head.  They are badges of honor that I've kept this little joyful explorer from harm! :)  I'll take them and cherish them.  Although if she'd stop climbing places that'd be ok with me too!!

 then, she {snapped}


Rich said...

Nice work, MAE's mommy. Glad she is keeping you on your toes!

brianne said...

that picture of her up on the dining table taking charge is pretty classic. Love her dress in that shot , too.