Tuesday, February 7, 2012


She is emoting our sentiment.
We. Are. Sick. Bleh! Two sick kiddos awoke on Sunday morning...  coughs began and Ace ran a fever.  We skipped church and hunkered down at home.    Humidifier cleaned and working.   Half the night in our room and half in Ace's room. 

He sat on that bean bag 'playing' with his remote control car and watching Disney movies without budging for three hours...
Monday, Ace awoke still feverish and asked to go to the doctor to get medicine so that he'd feel better. Very sweet and sad. :(    Mood wise Mae was pretty happy.  Ace was a bit more static for the first half of the day. 

Mae didn't quite understand why her brother wasn't up playing around the house.   Eventually with some prodding by his sister (that top picture is after all her sitting ON him screaming) he found a bit more strength and decided to work on a puzzle.

While the two of them were low key - I was busy learning new things with focus, camera settings, etc and enjoyed that time to shoot the kids.  ;-)

And yes, there was major retouching done to 'wipe' his nose. 

Today though was a different story... Mae's cough sounds worse.  I woke up with a faucet for a nose and not feeling well. at. all.   I finished an entire box of klennex.   Ace's nose was a medley of colors and we called in sick to preschool.   They are sleeping now - and I'm headed there myself... hoping for forward progress out of the illness.   But man is M's cough sounding terrible...

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